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Grey and white kitchen scheme

The Hottest Kitchen Colour Schemes for 2020

The use of colour in the kitchen is powerful, and can completely alter the mood of the room. Colour can change your perception of the space, making it seem wider, bolder and brighter. Get inspired with these fabulous kitchen colour schemes, set to take over in 2020. 

Coastal blue

Refresh your kitchen with a coastal palette of soft blue, off whites and light greys. This choice is a versatile one and creates a gentle space which is calm and inviting. When utilising these colours, ensure that you layer them to create a clean but warm scheme. Tones of white reflect light whereas the blue adds the depth of the ocean. In many coastal colour schemes, a bright yellow is woven into the palette to create warmth. Hand-painted assets also help in turning your kitchen into a coastal-inspired space, adding a rustic appeal.

Bright white

White is a modern classic, pretty much used in every kitchen across the country. Embrace the minimalist style by adding glossy white cabinet doors, making your kitchen space appear brighter and bigger. White is a fuss-free scheme that offers endless opportunities to make it your own, perhaps by adding your own feature wall or some glam touches. To add a bit of texture in your white kitchen, perhaps add some white gloss tiles as a splashback above your stove to add a bit of depth. 

Fresh pastels

Celebrate spring all year round with a pretty pastel colour scheme. To create a fresh pastel kitchen, consider the use of soft colours and tones in the kitchen. If you're looking to go a little vintage, choose a floral wallpaper to introduce a new burst of colour into the kitchen. You can complement this feature wall with soft cushions and fabrics. Ensure that you stick to one pastel colour though, otherwise there can be a significant clash.

Classic grey

Grey is always going to be on-trend, so why not introduce the colour into your kitchen? Grey works great as a neutral tone in kitchens but can be worked into pretty much any space. For a nice subtle contrast in the kitchen, choose two different tones of grey. An island painted in a deeper/contrasting tone of grey will make it a focal point of your kitchen, creating a varied space which isn't washed out by the same colour.

Dark tones

Dark tones of black and blue are often overlooked as nothing but an accent colour used to draw attention to certain features of the room. However, we believe that black walls, cabinetry and surfaces are gaining popularity. Black presents a sense of luxury, creating a homely charm and inviting space. Incorporate wooden textures into your kitchen to create a sense of depth, and also cuts through the monochrome scheme. Simply select a natural wooden feature table or accessories to spruce up the space whilst still keeping it modern and clean.

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