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Summer Bedroom Refresh

It’s too easy to fall into a comfortable pattern sometimes we all need to mix it up a little to keep things fresh, so if you’re feeling like you're in a little rut then maybe give your bedroom a little refresh, afterall a tidy bedroom leads to a tidy mind. So, swap the heavy blankets and dark decor for a fresh, vibrant new look this summer, by giving your bedroom a much needed makeover. Here we have put together 5 simple tips you can follow to give your bedroom a refresh this summer.

Switch Up The Bedding

It’s so simple but so effective. If you’re looking to mix up your bedroom a little the first place you can always start is with the bedding. You’ll be amazed at the impact it could have, from helping to brighten up the room, adding a little bit of colour or vibrancy to your bedroom to so much more. Not to mention it’s a lot easier than having to repaint all your bedroom walls, especially if you’re hoping to cut out any major DIY bedroom makeover ideas, so if you're looking for a quick makeover this could be ideal for you!


One of the simplest ways in which you could give your bedroom a makeover this summer is by having a good tidy and declutter. Clear out your wardrobe, under the bed and any drawers you have, too. You’re bound to have more than you think that you no longer need to get rid! The perks of having a declutter is that not only do you have more space about, but it also frees up the possibility of having a little reshuffle. Maybe try and move some bits around, just a little mix up can really breathe new life into your bedroom.

Add Some Artwork

Introducing some artwork to your bedroom walls is a great way to help add a touch of personality and character to the room. Not to mention helping to give you a colour palette in which to work from if you’re aiming to give your room a more serious refresh. Whether that's, bright and colourful, contrasting or neutral bedroom ideas. 

Refresh The Furniture 

Is some of your furniture starting to look a little old and tired? Don’t panic, perhaps it just needs a simple makeover. Maybe try replacing some of the wardrobe doors, giving the drawers a fresh lick of paint or giving your bedside cabinet a good clean. Sometimes items just need a bit of care instead of heading for the tip, you’d be amazed at how much you could save instead heading straight for the catalogue when you have an issue. 

Brighten Up

Summer is one of the most naturally bright times of the year, so why not use this to your advantage. Give your bedroom windows a good clean to truly get the full advantages of the beautiful weather on offer, afterall we don’t always get the best weather in the UK so make sure you’re not wasting a single day. Alternatively, a mirror could be a great way to help introduce a little more natural light into your room, so you could try and place one on the wall to help reflect the light and brighten your room even more. 

Looking to give your bedroom a more heavy-duty makeover? Here are some of the leading bedroom decor trends of 2021 to help get you started. 

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