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Bedroom After Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

Spring is finally just around the corner, and we’re all dreaming of open-window-weather, a bit of sunshine and clearing the winter dust from our home. Many people use this transitional time to take advantage of spring cleaning and giving the home a good deep scrub. While main areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, the garden, garage and shed typically top the spring cleaning list, the bedroom often gets left out.

We may not spend much of our waking hours in the bedroom, but it’s still very important to give it a spring cleaning to ensure it is free of dust, allergens, and has a fresh and organised feel. Also, did you know that you are likely to sleep more peacefully in a clean and tidy bedroom?

In this post, we walk you through the best steps to take to spring clean your bedroom.

The Obvious Things

As with any room, when giving the bedroom a deep clean, you start with the obvious things. First, declutter the room, empty the waste basket, and roll up your sleeves. Start by dusting the furniture, skirting boards, crown moulding or picture rails, and the walls, removing cobwebs and wintry dust in the process. Don’t forget to dust lamps, light fixtures, fans, decorative items and artwork while you’re at it.

Next, mop or hoover the floors depending on the surface, and move bulky furniture items such as the bed or chest of draws to clean beneath them. For carpeted bedrooms, it’s a good idea to either shampoo or steam clean the carpets for a really deep clean. Don’t forget to hoover the curtains and blinds, as they can hide copious amounts of dust. If they’re save to clean at home, you can also throw your curtains in the washing machine for a deeper clean.

Wardrobe Shuffle

With the transitional weather, you’ll want to start migrating your bulky winter jumpers out of the wardrobe in order to make room for lighter clothing. Take this opportunity to purge your wardrobe - and be ruthless. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year and donate it to charity, give to friends or family members or sell them online. Winter clothing can be stored in vacuum bags and safely stored in the loft or under the bed until autumn.

Rotate and Flip mattress

It’s an easy thing to forget, but flipping your mattress is something you simply must do. It’s important to flip it once a year, as this can drastically cut down on how quickly your mattress wears down, meaning it’ll last you years longer. This is easy to do every spring by just making a note to flip it when you change the bedding while rotating it at the same time from end to end.

New Bedding and Duvet Rotation

Once you’ve flipped your mattress, take the opportunity to rotate your heavy winter duvet for one with a lighter tog. This can help ensure you don’t get too hot and restless during the warmer nights and will provide a better quality of sleep. This is also the perfect opportunity to splurge on some new, soft bedding in bright spring and summer colours, or simply giving your regular bedding set a wash.

You can also take this as a chance to wash your pillows, as long as they are safe to machine wash. If not, decide whether or not it’s time to invest in some new pillows, as these are something we often forget to replace every few years.

Clean All Glass

Grab your trusty glass cleaner next to make sure all glass surfaces in your bedroom are sparkling. Clean the inside and outside of your bedroom windows to remove all traces of wintry grime and build-up and allow the sun to stream in. You can also make sure to clean any mirrors or picture frames at this point.

Freshen Up

Once your room is clean and tidy from top to bottom and newly organised, apply the finishing touches by freshening the room up. Take the chance to open your windows and allow the fresh air to circulate and add a scented candle or diffuser to your room to give it a springy, floral smell.

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