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Smart Storage Tips For Your Small Kitchen

A small kitchen doesn’t always have to be something that causes frustration. A smaller blueprint for a kitchen is something many people work around, especially when living in a flat, in an urban setting or in rental accommodation. But a small kitchen can still be a beautiful and functional kitchen - if you make it work. Storage ideas for small kitchens can be in demand for anyone living in one of the above scenarios, and it’s understandable why. Having the right storage for a small kitchen can make all the difference in functionality and keeping things look tidy. 

If you’re trying to get your small kitchen in order - then read on. We have some smart storage tips for your small kitchen!

Hanging Racks For Pans

A small kitchen can often mean a limited amount of cupboard space. If you love to cook, this can be a challenge. Between pots and pans and casserole dishes and baking trays, there’s a number of items you need to find a home for in your small kitchen. Pans are one of the items that take up the most amount of space in your precious limited cupboards, so it might be worth investing in a hanging rack. Hanging racks make a real statement and are a practical storage solution. What’s not to like?


Depending on the layout of your home, it may be possible for you to slightly overflow your kitchen into surrounding areas. For example, if you have a small dining area off your kitchen, you might be able to add a sideboard or Welsh dresser. An item like this can not only dress up your dining area, but it also provides more practical storage space for dishes or small kitchen appliances that you want to keep off your units or out of the kitchen cupboards. 

Drawer Organisers

Kitchen drawers can easily become disorganised. Constantly in use, all too often we can find that it’s almost impossible to keep your kitchen drawers neat and tidy. We all know that you’re more likely to fit more items in an organised space over one of pure chaos. If you struggle to keep your kitchen drawers in order, dividers or organisers might be a lifesaver for you. Every time you do the washing up, you’ll know that every item has a particular place to be returned to, which means you can keep more items stored in an orderly manner. 

Get Creative 

Every small kitchen is unique, and one of the best ways to find clever storage hacks is for you to get a bit creative. Nobody knows your space like you do, so it’s best to start with looking through your kitchen with a critical eye and thinking about which spaces have the potential for some sort of storage solution. Is there a corner where you could add a couple of shelves? Perhaps there’s an unused edge where you could add a spice storage cupboard? Perhaps you could work in a secret cubby in your kickboard where you could store baking trays or roasting tins? The possibilities are endless!

Open Shelving

Vertical storage is another way you can maximise space in your small kitchen. If you have a blank wall in your kitchen, you could add some open or floating shelves. These act as a great way to showcase some of your unusual kitchen items, like teapots or serving platters, or you could use them to practically stack your dishes and add hooks below from which to hang your mugs. 

Do you want to give your small kitchen some TLC? Our range of kitchen doors and accessories can spruce up your space! Find out more from one of our designers today.
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