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Kitchen Layout Ideas for Small Kitchens

These small kitchen ideas are ideal for those that aren't blessed with a large, sociable kitchen-diner space. Although you may not have the space for a kitchen island and big kitchen table, there are a wealth of clever kitchen layout ideas to maximise the space that you do have. It’s important to work with the layout of your space and use it to your advantage. Whether your kitchen is confined, an odd shape or tucked away, we can help with these kitchen layout ideas for small kitchens.

Open it up

If your kitchen has a light, hallway like shape you most probably have a galley kitchen. Galley kitchens tend to feel cavelike, however by removing upper cabinets and replacing them with shelves, you can really open the space. Having additional space above your cabinets will create more light, and will make your kitchen feel airy and more spacious than it actually may be.

Add seating

If you have a G-shaped, or peninsula shaped kitchen, this is the hack for you. Consider using that extra counter for casual meals or your morning coffee. Grab a couple of bar stools and take advantage of your new dining spot. Adding this extra eating space can also minimise the need for a formal dining table in your home. Make the most of the space that you have! 

Keep it cohesive

When you have a small kitchen space it is important that everything looks sleek and well put together. Try to stick to the same colour palette to keep tones cohesive, and try not to mix and match textures and materials. Match your appliances to our cabinetry to keep a clean and contemporary look in your kitchen. Take a look at our blog on The Hottest Kitchen Colour Schemes for 2020 to get some colour palette inspiration! 

Get a pot rack

Are your pots and pans taking up valuable space in your kitchen? If so, try hanging those bulky pans on a rack. Doing this will create so much more space in your cabinets, and will also look great in your kitchen. If you have an island, hanging your pots above it will look even better.

Keep it light

There is no better way to make a smaller kitchen feel bigger than to opt for a light, neutral colour scheme. If you want to be more adventurous than white, consider pastels. You can try pairing light patterned tiles with coloured kitchen cabinets for a fresh, crisp colour palette. 

Try flexible storage

In a small kitchen space it is important to think creatively when considering storage options. Rather than fitting shelves, why not try wire panel shelving? Wire panel shelves maximise your storage space, by adapting to your kitchen’s needs and space. It is easy to add or remove shelves whenever you like. This is a great storage hack to ensure that every inch of your available space is utilised.

Clear the clutter

It is really important to keep your small kitchen clear of any unnecessary clutter if you want to visually enlarge the space. Consider portable storage options, such as a trolley or butcher’s block on castors. Storing non-essentials in these will make it really easy to move in and out of the kitchen when not in use.

If you are interested in refreshing your small kitchen space with some new kitchen cabinets, take a look at our collection today.
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