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Organised modern bedroom with grey bedding and wood panelled walls

How to Organise Your Bedroom

We’ve stepped into a new decade, and what better way to kick it off than by organising your bedroom? Dedicate yourself to creating a new space which will make you feel relaxed and content, with our tips for organising your bedroom.

Clear your wardrobe

You wardrobe space can be the perfect place to begin when it comes to organising your bedroom. Having a clear-out will help to maximise potential storage space for other clothes or items. Aim to sort through the clothes that you are planning to keep, throw away or donate. To make the process easier, perhaps get three different bags or boxes to organise the clothes into so that you are clear about which clothes are going where. If you are struggling to throw some clothes away, go by the basis that if you haven't worn something for over a year, it should be thrown out. 

You can also make your bedroom appear tidier and organised by giving your wardrobe a facelift. Shop our range of wardrobe doors.

Colour coordination

Colour coordination is the key to making your bedroom appear cleaner and organised, and is the foundation of any beautiful room. A clear colour scheme gives your room a new sense of identity, opening up your room and making everything look like it belongs. Although it sounds pretty simple, choosing a colour scheme for your room can actually be very difficult. 

Keep drawers tidy

Keeping your bedroom drawers in order can seem tedious, and when you're rushing about in the morning it can be the last thing on your mind to keep everything neatly folded. However, there are a few solutions to this. If you find it tricky to keep everything in place, invest in some drawer dividers or organisers to keep everything separate. Dividers are particularly helpful for storing socks, belts and underwear. If you struggle to store everything in your drawers, fold and organise your clothes horizontally as opposed to vertically. This makes them easier to sort through and also makes it easier to find what you're looking for. 

Storage under the bed

The space underneath your bed acts as a perfect storage solution. Use baskets or bags to store bed sheets or non-essentials, as it can sometimes be difficult to access items which are stored there. Some beds come with built-in storage drawers, however, it is easy to make your own! Simply look online for drawers or wicker baskets to store items under your bed.

Maximise wall space

If you're looking for further storage for your belongings, make the most of your wall space by storing books and other items on shelves. Not only will this make them easier to access, but it also means that less of your valuable floor space is taken up. Wall cubbies are a brilliant alternative to shelving units, as they look aesthetically pleasing. They can be a great place to store small knick-knacks, plants and personal items like makeup, watches and jewellery.

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