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How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

If you have smaller rooms inside your home, you will most likely be faced with a number of challenges. There are some great tips for tricking the eye that can really create the illusion of a bigger space, which you should definitely try in your small rooms. Here is our ultimate guide to making a small room look bigger. 


Use lighter colours

Medium shades, such as greys, can make a room appear smaller. However, when you mix bright whites and deep, dark colours, you can create a beautiful contrast which creates a sense of depth and space. Not only will this colour combination technique enhance the space, but it will also look visually appealing. 

Hidden storage 

Hidden storage is a blessing when it comes to small rooms. If you have window space, consider building a window seat, perfect for storage and comfort. Window seats are perfect for creating more storage space without compromising the appearance of the room. Baskets are also great for storage, and are ideal for storing toys, books, blankets, and much more. If everything can be tucked away into its own designated spot, you will immediately eliminate clutter and give the appearance of more space. 

Add a large statement piece of furniture

In a smaller room it’s far better to have one large sofa than several accent chairs. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, try fitting a large sized bed in the space that you have, with some simple or sleep bedside tables, and try eliminating unnecessary items of furniture like accent chairs or tables. Having a single, larger piece of furniture will surprisingly make the room feel much bigger.

Floor to ceiling curtains

To many people's surprise, hanging floor to ceiling curtains actually creates the illusion of more space. These curtains will make your ceilings look much higher, and will therefore also create the illusion of more space. For more punch, choose light, airy curtains to really put this trick of the eye into full effect. Tall curtains can be found in many online shops and in stores. 

Add a few lamps

Correct lighting is ultimately the key to creating the illusion of more space in your small room. Start by adding a few small lamps to your room, to create small dashes of light in every corner. Having multiple sources of bright light can expand the room greatly, and will also create a more homely feel when nighttime falls. 

Buy furniture with exposed legs 

When it comes to selecting the right furniture for your small room, it is important to choose a style that will compliment the space you have. Furniture with exposed legs will open up the floor space, and will eliminate the ‘boxy’ feeling a lot of furniture can bring. 

Place mirrors on dark walls

Hanging mirrors on the darker walls of your room will allow you to bounce light from windows. This will create the illusion of more square footage and hence, more space in your room. This technique is great for rooms hidden from the sun or those that are part underground. 


Arguably the most important step to take when making a room appear bigger is to minimise the clutter. It’s important to make a habit of decluttering fairly regularly. Even a large room that is cluttered will feel much smaller. Try dedicating a day each month to decluttering your space. The less clutter, the more space to make things look roomier!

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