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How To Keep Your Kitchen Cool in Summer

With Summer in full swing and temperatures at a constant high, you may be looking for quick ways to get your house nice and cool. Whilst not many homeowners in the UK are lucky enough to have AC units, there are still some great ways to keep your kitchen cool in the heat. Take a look at our ultimate guide for more information.

Turn off the oven

If you really want to keep your kitchen as cool as possible, the best bet is to reduce your time cooking in the oven. The longer the oven is on for, the warmer your kitchen will get. If the weather is nice outside, why not fire up the barbecue or mix up a cold salad? If you find yourself needing to use the stove, try to limit the temperature and prepare recipes which require a medium heat. Here are some great recipes to try for the summer months to keep your kitchen cool:

Close the blinds

Having beams of natural light peeking into your kitchen may look appealing, but these rays heat up your kitchen during the Summer. Whenever possible, keep blinds shut and curtains drawn if you have them. Doing this in the morning especially will help to contain the cool air, making your kitchen a bearable temperature in the warmer months. 

Invest in a fan

If you haven't already got one, a fan is a great addition to the kitchen in the summer months. There are so many to choose from, and it all depends on personal preference. Consider the size of the area you want to keep cool, and the whereabouts you will put it. A desktop fan works wonders for smaller rooms, but may not be as effective in the kitchen, for example. If you want to steer away from the traditional plastic style of fan, take a look at this selection of Tower fans. Tower fans are long and vertical, and are slightly more stylish than pedestal fans. Simply select a fan that is perfect for your space and you're good to go!

Turn off the lights

Having extra lights in your kitchen can bring unnecessary heat into your space. Many modern kitchens are often equipped with an abundance of lights, whether that be overhead or cabinet lighting. Pick a few light sources which you need on and turn the rest of them off. Not only will this method reduce the heat, but it will also reduce the electricity bill.

Keep hydrated

Most importantly, stay hydrated! The key to staying cool in any environment is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Any chef that works in a kitchen environment can explain how important it is to have a big glass of cold water by your side when it's hot. Try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon and a pinch of salt for a boost in electrolytes.

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