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Modern Bedroom with Texture

How to Incorporate Texture into Your Decor

Sometimes it can be tempting to completely overhaul a space in order to give it a new look. Remodeling a room can be an exciting endeavour, but it is usually quite costly and a very big project. It’s not always necessary to completely renovate a room in order to give it a fresh look, though.

We all know the simplest way to freshen up a new room is with a coat of paint, but there are other ways to make a space look perfectly styled and updated. One way to introduce a new look is with the use of texture. Texture can make a dramatic change in a room, making it look larger, smaller, brighter or darker, and giving a room some unique style. Adding a few interesting textures into a room also means that you are able to give a space a new look without completely redecorating. In our blog, we’ll show you how to give your kitchen or bedroom a new style just by incorporating some texture.


The kitchen is one of the easiest parts of the home to incorporate texture because you have so many options to choose from. There are of course the walls and floors, but also areas like units, backsplashes and cupboard doors.

Wood is a very popular texture to incorporate into a kitchen, because it is long-lasting, durable, and comes in many styles. You could choose a smooth, glossy wood for a modern look or opt for something rough for a rustic country feel. Wooden worktops are another great choice and can be found in many styles. Our kitchen doors also come in a huge variety of woods, ranging in colours, stains, styles and textures and are the perfect way to breathe new life into your kitchen, while adding texture.

Stone is another durable and versatile texture that can easily be added to a kitchen. You could add a stone floor, backsplash, or worktop. Different types of stone come in a number of colours, some smooth and modern and others rough and unique to really add one of a kind style to your kitchen.

Metals are very popular at the moment and are the perfect way to work in some sleek modern style. Stainless steel is very popular with appliances, so simply adding a new range or refrigerator would add texture. You could also install a stainless steel cooker hood or get industrial with a stainless worktop.

Feature walls are also very popular in kitchens. Some people choose to paint a wall in their kitchen a bright colour, but you could just as easily add a faux stone or brick wall to add texture. Reclaimed wood could work just as well for this purpose.


The bedroom is a less obvious room to incorporate texture, but it’s no less important than the kitchen. The bedroom is where we begin and end each day, meaning that it is an important room to decorate to your own style.

Wood works just as well in the bedroom as it does in the kitchen to incorporate some classic texture. Wooden wardrobe doors make an excellent decor feature. Our wardrobe doors come in many varieties to suit the style you’re looking for. You can also add texture and a homey feeling to your bedroom by installing wood floors.

Exposed stone, faux stone, or brick walls make for an excellent feature in a bedroom. They add a quirky and interesting element, all while lending the room texture. Stone floors and fireplaces are another way to incorporate this texture into the bedroom. However, too much stone in a bedroom can make it feel a little cold or echoey, so it’s important to pull in other textures, like shaggy rugs and thick woven throws on the bed in order to balance this out. But the result is a heavenly retreat.

Metal can also be creatively used in order to incorporate texture into a bedroom. An industrial steel bed frame and headboard would add real style to the bedroom, or you could opt for something smaller, like unique metal light fixtures. Similar to stone, too much metal in a bedroom can make it feel less cosy, so it’s important to balance this with plenty of textiles, like throw cushions, rugs and curtains.

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