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How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

If there was one room in your home that you’d want to feng shui, it should definitely be your bedroom. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house in feng shui philosophy for a number of reasons. To start, it’s the room you spend most of your time in. Your bedroom is also personalised to you, and should be a place of ultimate relaxation and bliss. 

Feng shui does not necessarily mean creating a Zen-type home. Feng shui decorating means that you create an environment that has good energy to support the activities intended for the space. Feng shui translates from Chinese as "wind and water”. Feng Shui consists of arranging objects, space and life to achieve balance. If you're considering a slight bedroom renovation, we’ve put together some great tips and advice on how to feng shui your bedroom.

Move your bed

The first step is to ensure that your bed is in a commanding position. This means that you face the door whilst in bed. Try placing your bed against a solid wall, and if possible ensure that there is available space surrounding your bed. It’s a good idea to avoid putting your bed under low beams or sloped ceilings if possible. 

Get a headboard

If your bed doesn't currently have a headboard, it’s a good idea to get one. A good headboard represents stability and support in your life. Not only are headboards a great step in the feng shui decoration process, but headboards also add a personal touch to your bedroom and provide great comfort when sitting upright in bed.

Incorporate friendly colours

Colour is an important factor of the bedroom, but the best colours greatly depend on your needs. If you're looking to create a room of relaxation, consider incorporating earthy, neutral tones into your space. If you want to inject some vibrant passionate colour into your room, try adding splashes of red or hot pink. For health and vitality needs, try adding soft blues and greens. Most importantly choose colours that you like!

Choose the right art

The art that you select in your room can say a lot about our personal lives. If you wish to create a sense of romance in your bedroom, save the family photos for other rooms in the house. Try adding artwork in pairs instead. It’s important to always consider your own personal tastes when selecting the right artwork for your bedroom, so choose art that best presents you. When arranging your artwork, it’s a good idea to ensure that the art is set at eye level. 

Detox your bedroom 

Detoxing your room can benefit your sleep and also health. There are two common ways to detox your bedroom:

  • Reduce the toxins by switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products and furniture. If you have the budget to do so, take a look at some organic linens and sleepwear for your bedroom. 

  • Detox your bedroom through scent. Consider purchasing a diffuser or air purifier to clean the air. You can add your favourite scents to make your room smell the way you like. 


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