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How to Decorate Small Spaces

When decorating your house, it’s the small spaces that are the most difficult to decorate. Do you put flowers there, ornaments, chocolates, bowls? Well, we’re here to let you in on the new fashions and what looks best in the small spots in your rooms.


Flowers - In a lot of kitchens in the UK, flowers are a very popular accessory that people use to fill in the small spaces. There are so many different flowers out there that you can find the right colours to really complement your kitchen. Also, if you don’t have a very colourful kitchen then it can add some unique style to your kitchen and make it look a bit more vibrant.

Candles – They’re a fantastic addition to the kitchen. There are so many advantages to having candles in your kitchen. Firstly, they will make your kitchen smell terrific meaning people will find your house comfortable and homely. They’re nice for special occasions such as a date or a family meal. They can also be used as lights. They have so many qualities and they’re small, so they can fit in anywhere in your kitchen.

Signs – Simple signs such as ‘Welcome Home’ with a pretty decoration can really make a kitchen look so much more sophisticated and superior. Not only does it create a focal point, but it also decorates your kitchen making it feel a lot homelier.

Lamps – The use of lamps really brings life to the kitchen and in the corners of the room and the small spaces which cannot be used for anything else. Such a simple accessory can really add a different spark to the room. The focus of a lamp is to match the design of it with the room. In doing so this will amplify the other colours in the room which haven’t been shown off as well without it.


Chest – Adding a simple chest to your bedroom can make a big difference. If you add a chest of drawers you can store all the items that are cluttering up your room. This opens more room and allows you to become more decorative with your room. Not only does the chest allow storage, but it adds a lot more of a mature theme to the room.

Wardrobe Lighting – Wardrobe lighting adds a unique look to your room and especially to your clothes. It’s very helpful because it allows you to see the clothes and items and colours of your wardrobe better. It will also make it easier for individuals to find their clothes, especially if they have lots of them. We provide a range of wardrobe lighting that's perfect for all kinds of wardrobes.

Mirror – Mirrors can make your bedroom look a lot bigger than it is. So not only is it a nice design because it can make your room look large but it also allows you to do your make-up and generally look at yourself before going out or when you’re getting ready. 
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