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How to Childproof Your Kitchen

If you’ve just fitted a new kitchen then you might have re-organised things and changed where things are stored to make them more accessible. However, this can often mean that the kitchen is also more accessible to your children, which isn’t always a good thing. If you are worried that your children might now be able to reach dangerous items and materials then you might want to think about childproofing your new kitchen. There are a number of ways that you can childproof your kitchen and make it a safe place for all the family. Take a look at some of our top tips on how to childproof your kitchen.

Freestanding Shelving

A great way to save space in your kitchen and a cheaper option than most cabinets is a freestanding shelf. If you’ve just changed your kitchen cabinet doors then you might have opted for some cheap shelving to extend your storage space. You can find pine shelving units fairly cheaply from Ikea and many other places but these can often be flimsy and unstable. You can fix this by screwing your shelving units to the wall or skirting board to keep them a lot more secure and stable. Once you have secured your shelving, you can store things high up without the fear that your child might pull the shelving over.

Kitchen Cabinet Locks

One of the biggest concerns for parents is that their children will get into the low kitchen cabinets and either eat all of the food or harm themselves with whatever they find. There is a wide range of different kitchen cabinet locks that you can opt for but many have varying effects and some are visible from the outside of the cupboards. However, one of the best-reviewed kitchen cupboard locks are the magnetic locking systems such as these. These locks include a strong magnetic catch that can only be opened using a key to release the latch. This makes it virtually impossible for young children to get access to your cupboards.

Set Up Safe Area

A common problem with children in the kitchen is that they can end up getting in the way while you are trying to cook, which can lead to you burning the food or potentially causing an accident. But at the same time, shutting them out of the kitchen can also be difficult to deal with as they can keep calling for attention or get restless. One solution to this is to set up a safe area in the kitchen where your child can play and still be in your company, but out of the way of any cooking. You can achieve this by using a highchair or setting up an enclosed playpen that has toys to keep your children entertained.

Keep Surface Edge Clear

Although this might seem like a straightforward thing to do in the kitchen, it can be quite an easy thing to forget to do. It is quite natural to leave pots and pans in easy reach or to leave the handles facing outwards. However, if you have inquisitive children that are crawling or walking, then they could end up pulling these things off the counter and causing damage to themselves or the floor. Ensure that you make a conscious effort to put everything away from the edge of the countertop and turn all handles inwards to make sure there are no accidents.

By following these four simple tips you can make your kitchen a safe environment to be with your children and keep a watchful eye on them while you prepare food. It can also make children more inquisitive about food and want to help with cooking from a young age.

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