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home decor 2020

Home Décor Trends 2020

Is your home crying out for an interior refresh? Spruce up your home with these trends which are set to be popular in the new year. From wardrobe doors to kitchen cabinets, we have the ultimate guide to home décor trends for 2020.

Wardrobe Doors

Built-in wardrobes have been on the market for a while now, but that doesn’t stop making them a great addition to any bedroom. Sliding wardrobes complement every bedroom style and are great in terms of storage. You can even get custom made wardrobes to fit into difficult spaces, which will help maximise the space you have. The sliding wardrobe takes up less space than a free-standing one and is a brilliant solution for storage. Sliding wardrobes refresh any room with a modern touch and blend beautifully into your bedroom space.


Simplistic, minimal design is highly in fashion due to its ability to open any space and create a clean and modern look. You can easily create a chilled, relaxing space with minimal furniture and simple colours. A muted colour scheme works best when it comes to creating a simplistic interior, so consider that when buying new furniture or décor for your home. Soft and neutral colours work well; such as grey, taupe and warm neutrals.

Natural Wood

When it comes to kitchen décor, natural wood is coming back into fashion. Wood brings warmth to any space, and in the kitchen, creates a rustic classic finish to your cabinets. The contrast of wood looks great amongst white modern kitchens, making any kitchen style timeless. You can try replacing kitchen doors/cabinets with natural wood to revive the classic kitchen aesthetic. The texture of the wood can also create a nice contrast in your kitchen.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-tone cabinets are a popular design trend in which two different kitchen styles/colours are blended into one. Unified cabinetry is now a thing of the past, with two-toned cabinets creating a modern, contemporary kitchen style. Dark lower cabinets paired with lighter worktops and shelves work especially well together, but there are no set rules! You don’t have to completely remodel your kitchen to get this look, you can simply replace the ‘faces’ of your cabinets as a cheaper yet still effective option. A popular choice of colour is a navy and white combination, as it adds both depth and brightness to your kitchen space at the same time.

Modern Classic

The modern classic design is a popular home decor style coming into fashion and is most commonly used in the bedroom and living space. The modern classic style is a result of European modern classic interior design, combining elements of traditional and contemporary design. The main colours and tones of this style include grey, silver, white and black shades, which complement each other well. The key to creating a modern classic space is to keep it classy and simple. Ensure that your furniture is not too modern and fits in with the general aesthetic.

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