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Finishing Touches to Make your Bedroom More Comfortable

Are you currently moving into a new house? Or maybe you’re redecorating? Perhaps you’ve been living in the same room for years but have always felt something was missing. Whatever your reason for changing up your sleeping space, we at Doors Sincerely are here to give you all the bedroom inspiration you need to make your space a relaxing haven.

Window Dressing

Windows are often a much-ignored part of the house, but they can make such a big impact on the feel of the room. Old, tatty blinds give a bedroom an unkempt look, whilst something bolder and cleaner gives the room a more put-together and comfortable feel. Consider getting some black-out blinds to help darken your room at night, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Or splash out on some thick fabric curtains (ceiling to floor if you’re feeling glamorous), to add to that cosy feeling.


Like windows, lighting’s impact on a room’s atmosphere is often under-appreciated. To create a more serene feeling, consider switching your bulbs to ones that have a warmer tinge.  Or maybe invest in a dimmer switch, to help you wind down after a long day at the office. Accents of light can also help with this effect. This can be achieved in multiple ways. You could reply on standing lamps to provide light, instead of mains ceiling lamps, or add some fairy lights around the bed, or other key pieces of furniture, to add a whimsical feel to the room. Finally, if you are allowed, the addition of candles add a calming effect to the room, adding to the hygge atmosphere that’s been trending these past few years.


One way that really makes a room feel cosy and comfortable (quite literally) is the mixing of textures to soften the feel of the bedroom. If you have wooden floors, add a thick carpet by the bed so you land onto a soft heaven in the morning, instead of being rudely awoken by cold, hard floors. When it comes to the focal point of the room, layer throw cushions and blankets on the bed to make it really welcoming as the day draws to a close. Don’t worry about placing them nicely, sometimes a slightly more unkempt look makes the room feel more cosy and welcoming. This effect can be added to by using different materials for the throw pillows and blanket(s). Furthermore, if you have a plain headboard, consider upgrading to a luxurious fabric one. You don’t have to buy one either, there are plenty of DIYs online waiting for you to try out. If you’re feeling a little out-there, then consider having a go at making yourself a canopy to make your bed into a cosy little nook!


Sometimes all your room needs to feel more welcoming is a new scent. Whether it’s calming lavender, or something more seasonal, it can really help add the final touch to a room’s atmosphere. Whilst candles are the obvious choice, there are alternatives. For instance, you could opt for wax melts or a reed diffuser if it’s for a child’s room. And don’t forget to display the scent provider in a way that will complement the rest of the room. A Moroccan-style lantern helps to create calming patterns on the wall from the candle’s flame, whilst there are some really elegant wax melt stands available to buy.

If you’re looking for something a little more high-impact however, consider having a new fitted bedroom installed. Here at Doors Sincerely, we design bedrooms for you, so contact us today and create the comfortable bedroom you’ve always wanted.

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