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Wooden kitchen flooring in a modern kitchen with large picture window

Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas to match Your Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home, often a place to study, socialise, and most importantly, cook and eat. Whatever your needs, a kitchen can be adapted to serve you and the rest of the house, as long as you treat it well. The time invested in the room means that it deserves investments in other ways, from the appliances within to the design of the space.

If you’ve upgraded your cabinets and are looking to choose new flooring, you might be unsure as to what type of new floor will match best. Read on for our best kitchen flooring ideas to match your cabinets.


If you choose to change the flooring as a simple way to update the whole look, there are some requirements that you need to keep in mind with your choices.

The kitchen demands a lot of its floor, with heavy appliances, constant spills, dropped knives and constant foot traffic. Another feature that most people aren’t aware of, is that the floor needs to deal with large temperature fluctuations, especially if your oven is lower to the ground. When the floor changes temperature quickly, or by large amounts, it can warp and ripple, which can create tripping hazards and distort the appearance of the space.


The first consideration to create a sense of cohesion is of colour. There is an excess of available information on colour schemes and the like, but the main takeaway is to have two dominant colours that are simple and complimentary, and to have one accent colour which will act as a point of interest but also tie the room together. Keeping your colour scheme simple means that it can be easily updated or accented with other accessories.

The colours will also influence the style of the space. For more detail, look here, but as a note, modern styles are brighter and more contrasted, while traditional looks tend to be warmer and have more neutral colours.

Some colour combination ideas are:

-          Black, white and a grey

-          White, coral blue and gold

-          Grey, deep brown and warm orange

-          Cool grey, white and pink

-          Dark grey, silver and bronze

Take a look at your cabinets and walls. If they already have three colours between them, match your flooring to one of them. It generally looks better if the floor is one of the dominant colours, as it will be filling most of the space, so something more neutral is preferred.

Lighter colours for the floor can make the room feel more spacious but will show spills or dirt more easily. Dark flooring can look very good with pale cabinetry, or you can go with a very spill-resistant material if choosing something lighter. If your cabinets are stained wood, then you can go for a different wood stain for the floor, but ensure that it isn’t a fourth additional colour in the room and is complimentary.


Often the countertops and the floors in the kitchen are patterned, while the cabinets are plain. Make sure that you balance out the patterns in the room, so that it looks well-meshed and there only as many as your style needs. Patterns can be easily overdone if you’re mixing too many in one space. A contemporary look may not have any, whilst a farmhouse style may only have the floor as patterned.

If your cabinets are patterned, go for a simple and full floor style. If they aren’t, feel free to experiment more!


Another factor that can affect the style of the floors is the material that it is made of. The material will also affect the texture and how spacious the room will look.

Wood: When choosing wood, make sure that it is engineered and has a durable top layer so it won’t warp. Wood is a warmer choice for the room and can make the space feel more homely. They can match well with both blank and wood cabinets.

Stone: Slate or travertine are good and popular choices. They aren’t porous (so spills won’t seep in and stain) and won’t scratch when you accidently drop something. Stone is elegant and hard-wearing and can be an awesome statement in the room. They go best with plain or pattered cabinets.

Laminate: It is the most available and affordable choice, easy to clean up and available in a large variety of styles. Make sure that you protect the floor with an underlay for heavy appliances and that it won’t warp under steamy conditions. Depending on the style of laminate, you have the most variety and choice.

Other: There are also so many other materials that are gradually becoming more popular, such as vinyl or bamboo. They can be long-wearing and water-resistant and often more cost-effective as well. Cork, concrete, and resin are all further options, though they have different caveats, such as only being able to be used on the ground floor. When the cabinets are made of the same material it can create an amazing sense of cohesion but can also work with more contrasting materials.

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