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Bedroom Décor Trends 2021

With Spring fast approaching, now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a makeover. Our bedroom design ideas will help make your bedroom into your personal oasis, while still staying on-trend. With more of us working from home than ever, it is important that your bedroom suits your individual needs - be it providing a sanctuary after a long day of work, or serving as both a bedroom and a home office.

Read on for our modern bedroom ideas for your home this year.


Rustic décor is increasing in popularity in 2021, as it creates the cosy and homely atmosphere that we all crave. Rustic décor uses natural materials such as wood and stone and soft furnishings along with warm lighting to create an inviting environment. Wooden furniture and textured cushions and throws will help establish this aesthetic in your home, and an earthy colour palette can bring a rustic décor to life - muted brick red and ochre among creams and neutral tones. 


Zen bedrooms provide the perfect sanctuary after a long day's work. The minimalist design allows the occupant to feel peaceful upon entering, allowing them to unwind.

Good storage is of importance to a zen bedroom, as a cluttered space is known to be less relaxing. Neutral tones are generally the way to go in zen décor, although light shades of blue have been found to be calming colours and so are great to incorporate.


In botanical bedrooms, plants play a large part in the décor. Indoor plants continue to rise in popularity, and they are the perfect way to freshen up a space. Plants are naturally soothing, and therefore botanical décor allows for a relaxing environment. Natural materials, such as wood, and houseplants help to create this aesthetic, with natural prints (such as leaves or flowers) to complement. Neutral tones with a splash of green also work well in a botanical bedroom.


The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way all of us are living (and working), and it is likely working from home will continue for many of us in a post-pandemic world. With this increase, it is expected that multifunctional bedrooms will be one of this year’s biggest trends. These are bedrooms that can serve as both a place of relaxation and a place to work from, which is an essential for those working with limited space at home. Expect to see an increase in desks and office spaces in bedrooms, as maximising your space is key to a multifunctional bedroom.

High Tech

The high tech bedroom décor incorporates clear graphic lines and metallic surfaces to create a modern feel. Simplicity and functionality are of high importance to this aesthetic, and therefore limited decorative elements are used. Lamps with metal shades work well in a high tech bedroom, or LED lighting (on the edge of ceilings or floors) looks great with this style. Grey, white and black tend to work well in a high tech space, however a splash of colour is often welcomed - avoid romantic colours such as red and pink.

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