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Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Storage Ideas

It can be difficult to find kitchen storage, as you don't want anything that's going to get in the way. You will more than likely want storage that also fits with the design of the rest of your kitchen. But kitchen storage also has to be functional and fit all of the belongings that you need. Take a look at our guide to beautiful and functional kitchen storage.

Vertical Drawers

The Vertical Draws. A storage solution that's not to be overlooked, not only can they add a modern design to your kitchen that will add the unique look you’re looking for but they’re exactly everything you need when it comes to storing the small materialistic items within your kitchen.

The fantastic bonus of implementing a vertical storage drawer in your kitchen is, it doesn't use up any room. The draw can be a simple slim draw that you pull out with a few shelves and there you go, you have the perfect storage solution for your spices, cereals, oils etc.

The Hidden Workstation

If you have a lot of items that you’re looking to store then don’t stop reading. The hidden workstation is the answer to all your problems. The best part about it is you can design it however you want to fit it to your personal needs.

This design literally consists of two doors and behind those, you can add shelves, draws, cupboards & the doorway to Narnia (not really). But you get the point. This storage space will be the optimal place for storing anything from your chopping boards to your fruit blender.

Plate Rack

No one realises but when it comes to kitchens your plates can become the mess of the room. However, the plate rack option is an affordable option that not only adds a unique look to your kitchen but also adds the accessibility & organisation you’ve been looking for from your kitchen.

As the plate racks can be hung up on the walls this will add the easy access to your plates as well as the neatness in your kitchen that you’ve been looking for. The enjoyable part of setting up with the plate rack is, you can design the rack to your kitchen setting whilst also being able to find space for the other goods in your kitchen such as food & cutlery.

The Hooks

Now if you’re budget is tight but you’re in desperate need for a fresh look to your kitchen along with some useful kitchen management. Then we have a more DIY option for you younger audiences & that is the Hooks. These can literally be placed anywehere in your kitchen from the inside of your kitchen cupboard doors to a random wall. Unexpectedly, when used for certain objects such as your spatulas etc. the hooks allow you to hang these objects up which adds almost as aesthetically pleasing look to the walls of your kitchen.

Although, if you require more discreet storage in your kitchen the best option for you is to use your hooks on the inside of cupboard doors or any doors you can use in your kitchen. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that there is room inside the cupboards for the objects that you’re hanging up. If there is then you’re all set and you now have the ability to hand a range of goods all around your kitchen, just make sure you nail the hooks in right.  

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