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Elara LED Wardrobe Rail Light

sensio-elara-wardrobe-rail-light sensio-elara-rail-light
  • sensio-elara-wardrobe-rail-light
  • sensio-elara-rail-light
  • Features an integrated PIR sensor which automatically switches the light on when the wardrobe door is opened.
  • The PIR will remain on for 30 seconds and then automatically switch off to ensure there is no power wastage.
  • Available in 4 standard lengths, however can be cut down from the left side if required.
  • Ensure you leave 70mm from the left side of the sensor and the remaining length can then be cut as required.
  • Contains a soft rubber strip to prevent items from slipping on the rail.
  • The maximum weight load of the rail is 20kg.
  • Side mounting bracket set provided.
  • Cable length 2 meters
  • The advantages of the Elara over the Alto are; the higher light output and no maintenance is required (no requirement to recharge) .
  • Note: Wattage: 562mm: 1.9W, Cut Length: 100mm, 762mm: 2.6W Cut Length: 300mm, 962mm: 3.2W Cut Length: 300mm & 1162mm: 3.9W Cut Length: 400mm
  • This items requires a driver. To calculate the correct driver simply divide the wattage of the driver by the wattage of a single light to find out how many lights can be run by the driver. Remember to ensure the driver has sufficient ports. The watts of the total number of lights should never exceed the wattage of the driver they are running from.

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