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Ways To Refresh Your Living Room

For many of us, the living room is the heart of the home. It’s a place to relax, entertain friends, and to enjoy the company of your family. As we have all spent more time at home over the past 2 years, you might have become bored with your lounge or living room. For a room to be most enjoyable, it should reflect your family and your home environment. While decoration is an important element, it should also be functional and provide a useful space. If sitting in your lounge no longer fills you with a sense of comfort, it might be time for a freshen up. 

But how easy is updating a traditional living room without breaking the bank? Answer: very easy. Follow our tips and advice for smaller, affordable changes to your space to refresh your living room.

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Refresh Room Accents

To redecorate a living room, many people will jump straight to buckets of paint, rolls of wallpaper, and a brand new sofa. These things will cost money, take up time, and mean that you can’t enjoy your space until everything is complete. Updating a traditional living room does not have to start from the ground up. By focusing on the soft furnishings and smaller accents of your room, you can completely change the look in a quicker and much easier way.

Take a look at the accents your room already has. This means cushions, blankets, rugs, ornaments, and anything else you may have to accessorise your lounge. Purchasing or finding different cushion covers, rugs, and blankets can be a great way to completely change up your traditional lounge without leaving it out of bounds for days at a time. Furthermore, adding blankets over sofas instead of storing them away can add an extra element of colour and texture, creating a cosier space and protecting your furniture from the accidents and mess that come with a lively home.


Refreshing your living room space doesn’t have to cost any money at all - just a little elbow grease. With some capable hands and some careful planning, you can change the layout of your living room to give it a brand new look. With larger spaces, this can be a fun task, and you can identify new spaces and sections of the room. Smaller spaces will require more strategizing, particularly if electrical plugs are in short supply. Even switching positions of smaller furniture items, like lamps and coffee tables, can give a living room a new breath of life without it costing you a penny.

For more tips on decorating small rooms, check out our tips on how to make a small room look bigger.

Add Art or Photos

Another easy way to update a plain or traditional living room is to add artistic or personalised elements. Art comes in many forms. Small sculptures, artefacts, or paintings can brighten up the space and add a little creativity to the space. If that does not suit your home environment, personal photos can be a great way to add that personal touch. 

Photo frames are available in a huge range of styles and colours and finding one to match your colour scheme is simple. Collages of family and friends will be a great conversation starter, and such elements can be swapped out easily at a moment's notice.

Assess Clutter

As we spend a lot of time in a room, it can become a dumping ground for all sorts of clutter. Clutter can create a stressful feeling room rather than a space for relaxation. If your room is full of clutter, starting your refresh with a big clear out and organise can be a great way to freshen up your lounge. 

If you find that you need more storage in your living room for your family’s belongings, you can then begin to search for smart storage options for your space. Browse our huge range of fitted wardrobes and shelving units to store your belongings, from a variety of brands and in any colour to match your space.

Lighting Switch-Up

Lighting can make a huge difference to any room. When updating a traditional living room, considering your lighting options can be a great way to refresh the space. Adding smaller decorative lamps or changing your lampshades can create warmer light and a cosier feel to a room, perfect for the winter months. Even changing light bulbs can add a warmer element to your living room and completely change the room. Lighter spaces tend to seem bigger, too, so consider an even positioning of lighting sources throughout the room.

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