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Kitchen with blue and yellow coloured cabinet doors

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Kitchens are the heart of the home, which means they should reflect you and your family. If you are planning a new kitchen or you’ve decided your kitchen needs a refresh, kitchen cabinets are an excellent place to start. New cupboard door fittings can make the room look brand new and give your space a brand new lease of life. Need inspiration? We’ve put together some top trends for cabinet colours over the past year to give you ideas for your kitchen.

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Bold Red

Bold shades of red in the kitchen is a trend expected to continue doing very well in the kitchen cabinet colour trends 2021. You might think red to be too overpowering in a kitchen, a place that is meant for calm and comfort. However, shades of red that are muted make the perfect pop of colour to kitchens of any size. These luxurious shades are perfectly paired with greys, metallic fittings, and natural wood elements. Whether just an island or all cupboard fittings, a deep red tone makes for an exciting and warm look for your space.

Beige or Greige

With the slight decline of grey from the kitchen cabinet trends of 2021, people looking for a plain and minimalist kitchen might be looking for an alternative. Beige, or greige, provides the solution. Beige or a combination of grey and beige provides the warmth missing from a grey-toned kitchen, while also providing the opportunity for a feature wall or a pop of colour to pair with it. Natural wood tones also pair excellently with warm shades of beige, offering a cosier look to your new kitchen.

Two-tone Kitchens

With so many gorgeous colours to choose from, 2021 is the year for indecision. Why not pick two well-pairing colours for your kitchen cupboards? Red and green, white and blue, green and yellow - there are countless fascinating colour combinations to try out in your kitchen. One popular trend is to choose a different complementary colour for your kitchen island, or for your overhead cupboards. This will draw eyes around the room

Green, green, and more green

Green kitchens are a huge kitchen colour trend of the past year. This might have something to do with the variety of shades; from sage to mint, olive to apple green, there is a shade of green that is perfect for your kitchen refurbishments. Green pairs well with a variety of colours, and is the perfect shade to bring in a splash of the outside world for all seasons. 

Doors Sincerely stock a range of brands for your ideal green kitchen cabinets, from smooth fjord Valore cupboards to sambu green Serica cupboards. Browse our range today.

Blue Kitchens

After emerging as a popular kitchen cabinet colour over the past few years, blue continues to trend in kitchens across the country this year. Like green, there are many shades of blue which have been popular, including pastels, navy blues, and brighter shades. Blue is excellent for providing a cool and calming environment in the kitchen, while also pairing well with white, silver, and natural wood fittings in your space. Blue can brighten up your kitchen in a sophisticated and stylish way.

Yellow or Orange

These warmer and brighter tones are a more surprising addition to kitchen cabinet colour trends 2021. While an all-yellow kitchen might be a bit overwhelming, an orange or yellow accent wall or cupboard can brighten up the room and act as an excellent feature area to the kitchen. Orange is a bold and attention-grabbing colour to feature in your kitchen and is one of the most popular new colours for kitchen cupboards in 2021.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your kitchen, check out our recent blog post covering our favourite kitchen trends of 2021.

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