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Kitchen with marble counters and tile hob backsplash

Looking Back at our Favourite Kitchen Trends of 2021

As needs and fashions change year to year, design trends in the kitchen change with them. This can vary from kitchen cabinet colour trends to storage and appliance trends. We’ve put together our favourite kitchen trends of 2021 for you to add to your designs.

Going Green

More and more colours are being seen in kitchen cabinet colour trends 2021. This year, kitchen design began to favour using shades of green rather than navy blue tones. Whether in cabinet doors or in kitchen accessories, green in the kitchen is a calming and interesting pop of colour. There are brighter shades for those looking for more exciting designs, paler shades for more pastel environments, and just about everything in between. Find your perfect green in our selection of kitchen doors today.

Two Toned Kitchens

This is another addition to kitchen cabinet colour trends of 2021. To break up kitchen furniture, a contrast is perfect for drawing attention to different areas of the room. Two contrasting colours, shades, or even textures can be great to draw interest. Combining smooth marble surfaces with natural wooden cabinet doors or a bright pop of coloured backsplash with darker surfaces can create a real unique space for your everyday cooking. Browse our range of colours and textures and order your free colour samples to get your kitchen design right.

Feature Wall or Floor

The splashback has continued to be on trend, but perhaps with a twist. We’ve seen marble slab feature walls adding a more subtle central point to a kitchen, with the bright and patterned hob splashbacks drawing attention and setting a colour scheme for other cabinets and accessories. Another twist on the feature wall is a feature floor - a section of statement tiles, perfect for breaking up a larger or more open plan kitchen. 

Pantry or Larder

A pantry or larder provides a functional and attractive storage solution for dried foods. While the words might conjure images of a large walk-in area separated from your kitchen, modern pantries don’t have to be this way. They can be built-in or stand-alone features providing just enough storage for your dry goods but not taking up too much space in smaller kitchens. Larders and pantries are a smart way to create more storage while providing the opportunity to play with colour and light, both inside and outside the larder. 

Clever Compact Storage Solutions

While decluttering may be possible in other areas of the house, kitchens will always need ingredients. Herbs, spices, canned foods, and more are all needed, and therefore will always need a home. 2021 saw the continuing trend of clever and compact storage solutions in the kitchen. These storage solutions are often hidden, above or between appliances, so that their accessibility does not compromise on their style. Clever storage is possible in kitchens of every size. If you are struggling for ideas for your kitchen, check out our blog with smart storage tips for small kitchens.

Marble Effects

Marble is commonly found in the kitchen, on surfaces, splashbacks, or flooring solutions. White or lighter coloured marble effects have been a popular choice in 2021 for lighting and worktops, particularly combined with darker colours, to create a lighter and more spacious kitchen design. Furthermore, more colourful shades of marble have been seen in counters and work surfaces, an excellent choice for kitchens with more neutral shades.

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