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Kitchen with reflective backsplashes and small circular mirror

How to Transform your Kitchen with Mirrors

Though it may seem an odd place for a mirror, the kitchen can really benefit from the placement of some reflective objects. Decorating walls with mirrors is a great addition to a room’s design, especially if you are looking for inexpensive ways to revamp your kitchen space. Mirrors are also really versatile, so they will fit whatever size and style of kitchen you have. For smaller kitchens, mirrors can actually be a great way of maximising space and light, so check out our tips on totally transforming your kitchen using mirrors.

If you’re struggling with smart storage for your small kitchen, read our blog for some tips.

Mirrors above counters

Placing mirrors above counters but below cupboards can help create the illusion of more depth to your kitchen. This level will also ensure you’re not facing the reflection head-on when cooking or preparing food. Furthermore, instead of plain mirrors, you can use glossy coloured tiles or coloured mirrors. This can add character to your kitchen with the focal point being this pop of colour on your walls.

Cupboard Doors

Placing reflective surfaces on cupboard doors can be a great way to add more light and therefore make your kitchen appear bigger. A mirror at eye level is great for attracting the most light so that you benefit most. It will also mean that you are not likely to catch a glimpse of your dirty counters or your kitchen bin with a mirror placed higher than counter level. In addition, mirrors can be a great replacement for glass doors. This in turn will hide the contents of your cupboards, giving your kitchen a tidier and more sleek look.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors such as the glossy acrylic Zurfiz doors could add that pop of colour to your kitchen and breathe more life into your space. Download a brochure today.

Reflective Tiles

Another way to pull focus is to create a wall of reflective tiles. Adding this element to your kitchen is perfect for combining the benefits of a mirror wall but without a large reflection of your room staring back at you. If you decide to create such a wall in your home, make sure that no other elements are pulling focus as this could overload your room with attention-grabbing features.

Reflective Touches

Mirrors are versatile elements because they are not confined to your walls. Whether it’s reflective dome light fixtures, stainless-steel stools or even a reflective fruit bowl, light bounces off these little elements to light up your space. These are inexpensive and unobtrusive additions to your rooms but can immediately create a more minimalistic and stylish space. 
Whether you’re looking to purchase new elements for your kitchen or to revamp your space entirely, browse our range of Kitchen Doors & Fully-fitted Kitchens today.

Stylish framed mirror

This more classic take on a mirror is also a great way to create space and light in your kitchen. Elegant or stylish frames can be chosen to reflect your own personal sense of style to an otherwise simply decorated room. These are also relatively cheap additions to your home but can make a huge difference.

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