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Bedroom with Christmas tree and garland across the headboard,

Christmas Bedrooms for Endless Holiday Cheer

During the festive season, Christmas trees and all arrays of glittery or more traditional decorative objects are commonly seen throughout our homes. There is no shortage of inspiration pieces on television or social media on how to fill your kitchens and living rooms with holiday cheer. But when we go to bed, many of us find a distinct lack of Christmas elements in our rooms.

Many decorations we deem to be festive, such as tinsel and baubles, lack that element of comfort we so desperately need within our bedrooms. For that reason, it can be difficult to find elements of Christmas that fit around our beds and wardrobes. However, with so many styles of Christmas decor, there is sure to be something to complement your bedroom with a cosy and Christmassy touch. So if you’re looking to spread the holiday cheer to every corner of your home, you might be after some tips on just how to do so. We have put together some cute Christmas bedroom ideas and inspiration to include in your bedroom this year.

Adorn Wooden Elements with Garlands

To avoid the glitter and sparkle of cheaper decor, garlands are a stunning and more classic way to bring Christmas into your bedroom. The addition of some festive foliage to your place of relaxation shouldn’t disturb the calming vibes which should be radiating from your room. Garlands with pinecones and berries add even more interest and offer your bedroom a touch of a cosy winter cabin. These can be hung across bare beams, draped over headboards, or simply run along the back of your dressing table or chest of drawers. Festive garlands go incredibly well with wooden furniture, so keep this in mind when creating your Christmas bedroom.

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Soft Furnishing Touches

If cosiness is your priority, this is the perfect Christmas room decor idea for you. Pillows, throws, even investing in a themed set of bedsheets, can be the ideal way to bring warm and fuzzy festive feelings into your bedroom. A great thing about touches like these is the amount of choice in patterns - whether you want to go all out with some bright Christmas patterns, opt for more traditional plaid elements, or go more minimalist with white and silver touches, the right option for you is out there somewhere. 

Furthermore, you can also just invest in some cosy fabrics or warmer throws for the winter, adding a more subtle festive vibe to your room. If you don’t want Christmas to take over your room, why not add just a Christmassy pillow? Soft furnishings open up a world of inspiration and choices for your Christmas room decor.

Festive Colours

Another way to avoid the glitz and glam of a Christmas living room is to simply switch up your bedroom colour scheme for December. This can mean anything you want it to mean, from traditional reds and greens to a more wintery scene with a dominant white theme throughout. Even silver or gold touches can define the start of the Christmas countdown in your bedroom. 

Light It Up

It could be that you don’t want to change the way your room looks too dramatically to celebrate Christmas. To create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your evenings, lighting plays a huge role. Adding a row, bundle, or bowl of warm-coloured fairy lights could make a huge difference and reduce the need for more obvious festive elements. Whether simple lights or shaped like stars, you can decide the style and location of your lights to optimise the look and functionality of your Christmas bedroom.

Christmas Scents

While Christmas decor is normally about seeing, your bedroom is the perfect place to treat your other senses to a festive treat. Adding candles or wax melts to your room not only amps up the cosy aura, but can also fill your room with a Christmassy scent. Whether you love mulled wine, spiced cinnamon, or another scent entirely, make sure to add it to your bedroom this December.

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