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Best House Plants to Spruce up your Kitchen

Not only are houseplants very trendy additions to the kitchen nowadays, they’re also a great way of sprucing up your home to help create a more eco-friendly environment to live in and adding a bit of life to your kitchen. But the benefits are endless. Whether you want to find a way to reduce indoor air pollution, offer first aid assistance or even give some extra zest to your dinner, there’s the perfect plant just waiting to be added to your kitchen.

Not sure where to begin? It’s true, there are a lot of plants out there and some are more manageable and helpful than others. Thankfully, we have produced a selection of our favourite kitchen houseplants and some of the top perks they have to offer you.

Aloe Vera 

This plant is great if you have a tendency to be a little accident prone in the kitchen. Due to the many vitamins and minerals that are found inside an aloe vera plant they are a brilliant remedy for small scrapes and especially burns. All you’ll need to do is cut off one of the lower leaves, making sure to remove any of the spines along the edge (they can be a little prickly) and split the leaf lengthwise before using a knife to score the middle to break out the gel inside. Once you’ve done this you simply need to rub some of the gel on your minor injury and you’ll soon feel an instant cooling feeling. They’re also lovely to look at, making them a double win!

Hedra Helix

This is definitely one of the best plants for kitchen cabinet tops, due to the ivy plant’s ability to help purify the air surrounding it. This plant is one of the top remedies for reducing indoor air pollution, helping you to cut out nasy things such as mold, bacteria and benzene. The only catch is it can be extremely toxic to pets, so be sure to place this one up and away from anywhere it could be reached. 


In terms of kitchen plants and herbs this is really the easiest herb plant you can grow. It only needs access to sunlight, moist soil and no cold drafts; so if you can offer it this, you’ll be set to reap the rewards of growing a basil plant. Basil will help you and your cooking, as you won’t have to keep popping out to the shop to get a bag of herbs, instead you’ll have access to your own fresh plant.

Aluminium Plant 

The biggest appeal of this plant is the unique colours it displays. With deep green and silver leaves, it offers something really different to a lot of other houseplants. When caring for this plant it’s important to keep it away from areas that get a bit drafty, whether that be too hot or too cold. It can happily hang pretty much anywhere else other than that. The biggest plus of adding an Aluminium Plant to your kitchen is the fact that you are able to hang it somewhere, meaning that it won’t be taking over any worktops, which is extra helpful in a smaller kitchen.

Snake Plant

If you’re looking for a kitchen houseplant but live a busy life, this could be the one for you. Not only are they very durable plants, but Snake Plants take little to no maintenance for them to flourish. So whether you’re in and out of the house with work, running after the kids or just a little forgetful, this could be the ideal plant for you. All you need to do is stick it in the corner somewhere and make sure to water it every other week - just make sure the soil doesn't get too dry. Another great benefit of the Snake Plant is that they don’t take up a lot of space, often growing more in height than they do in width. 
With any of these plants, you’ll be sure to spruce up your kitchen! 

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