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7 Cosy Winter Accents for Your Bedroom

Winter is a time for staying inside and being comfortable, listening to the pouring rain and roaring winds outside your windows. Darkening afternoons and dropping temperatures can mean that people feel trapped - many outdoor sports and hobbies are put on hold and we are forced to spend our evenings shielding from the bad weather.

But winter doesn’t have to make you feel trapped inside. You should utilise this time to create a welcoming, warm, and cosy winter bedroom that you can enjoy during these colder months. We’ve collated our favourite winter bedroom ideas for you to try out in your own home

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When dressing yourself for winter, you always think of layers. Considering your Winter bedroom decor should be no different. Whether on your bed, your storage chest, or on chairs and sofas, there is always an option to layer up. Bring your blankets, throws, and pillows from all around the house to help create a range of cosy places to sit and relax in your bedroom. 

Blankets, blankets, blankets

While blankets are good for wrapping up on those bitter cold evenings, they are also excellent decorative pieces to adorn your bedroom with in Winter. You can hang them on walls, drape them over furniture, and even use them as an extra rug. Having soft textures around you in your room will help to ramp up the cosiness and allow you to relax from your day battling the elements.


In Winter, the light disappears very quickly from outside, meaning your house lights could be on from as early as 3pm! Having bright white lights on, particularly in your bedroom, can make it extremely hard to switch off and relax from a long day.

Choose warmer light bulbs to allow your eyes to relax, preferably using bedside lamps or dimmable bulbs to allow your brain to adjust before you sleep. If you need an extra touch of cosiness, string lights or fairy lights can be a delightful addition to a cosy winter bedroom.

Keeping it Toasty

If your bedroom has all the cosy elements you could hope for but you still find yourself shivering at night, there’s definitely more to do. There are plenty of additions to your winter bedroom that really make a difference to the temperature. Bringing out your winter duvet, which is thicker or heavier than your summer one, should be one of the first steps in your winter bedroom design. 

If you do not have a winter duvet, consider purchasing an electric blanket or throw. These can be installed over the top of your bed sheets or underneath your fitted or bottom sheet. While being safe in the amount of electricity used, these can be set on timers to ensure they do not heat you to an uncomfortable temperature. Moreover, these can be switched on hours before you slide into bed to ensure you’re as cosy as possible to relax before you sleep.


A simple and affordable addition to developing your cosy winter bedroom is candles. Candles come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention scents, so they are a perfect way to create a cosier atmosphere while giving your space a touch of personality. You can cater your candles to your tastes, making sure it’s not too overpowering. And while candles are decorative, they are begging to be lit. Having candles could encourage you to spend more time in your bedroom before you want to sleep, meaning you work on hobbies, read, or do other calming activities.

Winding Down

Another essential feature of a winter bedroom is relaxation. It can be difficult to switch off at the end of a long day at work or running errands. Your bedroom should be a cosy area in which you can allow yourself to be calm and wind down to promote a healthy sleep pattern. To ensure this is the case, removing technology from your bedroom can be an excellent idea. While you may charge your phone beside your bed like many others, perhaps ban laptops and tablets from this area and replace them with books or magazines. Maybe even create a space for hobbies in your winter bedroom. Whatever you fill your evenings with, make sure there’s a time and place for winding down.


If you are constantly looking at a messy bedroom, it might be difficult for you to relax completely. There will be reminders all around you of things you need to do the next day, things you need to remember, and more things clouding the back of your mind. Having all your belongings on display can feel stressful. So if you’re struggling to nail that cosy winter bedroom, try giving your space a proper declutter. Ensuring all your items have homes and that there is nothing unwanted in your space will promote a calmer and happier bedroom for your cosy winter evenings. 

If you need help creating the perfect bedroom storage for your cosy winter atmosphere, Doors Sincerely are here to help. For all your fitted bedroom furniture needs needs, we can deliver the right shapes, storage options, and colours for your style. Browse our wide range of bedroom wardrobe doors and accessories today.

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